Cycle 1 Day 3 – Superbowl Day!!

Monday February 8th, 2021 – A typical infusion day “going forward” we hope!!

Locked and Loaded

Day 3  was a typical “normal” day for the infusions from here on. The dosage is 1000 mg of Obinutuzumab but starting at 100 mg/hr so it doesn’t take as long if everything goes OK – this will be the pattern for future infusions, the next being next Monday Feb 15th.

We didn’t have to get to Lifehouse until 10:30, (parking wasn’t so easy then!) and after consultations with the Doc we had decided to change the steroid from Dexamethasone to Oxyhydrochlorine to try to avoid the dreaded hiccups as well as having some Pantoprazole around just in case of reflux (we didn’t need it but I had some at home which came in handy during the night later on).

Fortunately there were no real issues and everything went smoothly. I had the slightest “dead leg” in my left leg but not even as much as last week. We finished around 4:30 and were home by 5 feeling pretty good!! Very fortunate indeed!

I slept pretty well waking to take Pantoprazole once and then Panadol a couple of hours later rehydrating both times, of course. I’m awake and up by 5 ish but not nearly as amped up as last week and, as yet, no hiccups!! All good.

Oh and the Buccaneers won easily!! 

Published by Mick Prest

Retired former elearning Jedi

One thought on “Cycle 1 Day 3 – Superbowl Day!!

  1. You make it sound like a breeze, Mick. So very pleased to hear you are doing well. Long days, though. With you all the way. Love to you both.


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