Cycle 1 : Monday Feb 15th – 3rd Full Infusion

Back into Lifehouse at 10 for coffee before heading up to the Day Therapy where Catriona is waiting for the day. There was a bit of a wait while we discussed whether or not to have a blood test before we started – they rang the Doc and Christian said to have one but to go ahead with it anyway and not wait for the results as everything had gone well last week. I was also very keen to have a look at the blood to see what has been going on in dem bones!!

The infusion went very well with no reactions at all thank goodness! With the faster rate we belted along and were finished around 3:30 with no problems.

The bloods were great with everything within the normal range already!!! Specifically the WBC (white cell count) was 4.4  – down from over 100 recently!! Amazing stuff this targeted obinutuzumab!!  As we all know this is more or less expected at this stage(the real interest is in a test 2-3 years down this track! – but it is good to get there with so few ill effects and it augurs well for the Venetoclax which we start next Monday. TLS shouldn’t be a worry if the obinutuzumab had enabled my immune system to knock a lot of bad guys down already!! 

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5 thoughts on “Cycle 1 : Monday Feb 15th – 3rd Full Infusion

  1. Woohoo! That’s a great drop in your WCC, Mick, and so glad it’s all going smoothly this far.
    Peter loves the “final quarter” analogy, but commented that you’re just a young fellow, really. 😉


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