Cycle 1 / Phase 2 Venetoclax @Home!!

Like shaking hands with someone famous whom you have been following for years!!

Not sure whether to open the tablets or the prawns first!!!

After a slight delay of a day we are into the next phase. (We forgot to order the Venetoclax ahead of time and, of course, the Chemist had to get some in!! We’ll remember next month!)

The packaging is little short of amazing (leaves even Apple for deadI tried to find the photo of Deborah Mills with her first pills back in 2016 they didn’t look nearly as fancy!!) but certainly is very helpful in making sure that people don’t take the wrong dose or get mixed up – everyone is scared of TLS (Tumor Lysis Syndrome) at this point, of course, but it should be fine as the Obinutuzumab has done such a great job.

The blood test yesterday was still very good and my blood pressure is the best it has been for years and, apart from the odd bit of tiredness, I’m going really well.

I took the first two 10mg tablets today, will take the next two in the morning and go in for another blood test and to see the Doc while I’m there. Hopefully nothing will spook me and it will be good sailing. We will be very surprised if I don’t have some sort of reaction to Venetoclax sometime over the next twelve months but let’s hope that any reactions will be minor!

(The prawns are for tonight, as it is Elaine’s semisesquicentennial birthday today!!)

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