Up yours nail fungus – Bit of a Neutropenia alert!

So, it’s not a perfect run!! (this post didn’t publish correctly last week!) I have had a bit of onychomycosis (bloody nail fungus) for a couple of weeks which I had seen the GP about and was treating but when I saw my haematologist today my neutrophils were low (1.0) which caused him some concernContinue reading “Up yours nail fungus – Bit of a Neutropenia alert!”

I went to something recently and no one asked: “How are you Mick?”

I am well aware that I haven’t written anything here for a while but the truth is that I’m pretty boring …..! I am still, fortunately, having essentially no adverse reactions at all, I look well and, apart from some tiredness, I’m really OK! I have my next infusion of obinutuzumab in a week orContinue reading “I went to something recently and no one asked: “How are you Mick?””

First Day of Cycle 2 Tomorrow

Cycle 2 Day 1 tomorrow – aka Venetoclax 50mg and Obinutuzumab 1000mg Going very well, so far!! Just a little tiredness day to day and I’m sleeping better (but that might be just the early Autumn weather!). Someone I live with said: “You’re better to live with than you have been for 20 years!!” …Continue reading “First Day of Cycle 2 Tomorrow”

Cycle 1 / Phase 2 Venetoclax @Home!!

Not sure whether to open the tablets or the prawns first!!! After a slight delay of a day we are into the next phase. (We forgot to order the Venetoclax ahead of time and, of course, the Chemist had to get some in!! We’ll remember next month!) The packaging is little short of amazing (leavesContinue reading “Cycle 1 / Phase 2 Venetoclax @Home!!”

Cycle 1 : Monday Feb 15th – 3rd Full Infusion

Back into Lifehouse at 10 for coffee before heading up to the Day Therapy where Catriona is waiting for the day. There was a bit of a wait while we discussed whether or not to have a blood test before we started – they rang the Doc and Christian said to have one but toContinue reading “Cycle 1 : Monday Feb 15th – 3rd Full Infusion”

Just a few reflections on a resting day between Infusions

Cycle 1 Thursday Feb 11th Following my emerging awareness of “how I feel in all this” I felt moved to write some reflections on “being ill”. I immediately recognise that other people have certainly written about this with much more skill, thought and depth that I can but, hey!, the role of this blog isContinue reading “Just a few reflections on a resting day between Infusions”